5 Unique Door Types

Frame-less Door

Frameless interior doors have emerged as a prominent trend in modern architectural design, offering a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Pocket Sliding Door

Pocket doors slide into a compartment in the wall, almost disappearing when the door is open. They conserve and recover space that is lost to swinging doors.

Overlap Sliding Door

An overlapping sliding door is the perfect solution where space is limited. The sliding door can also be used when there are two output points from one machine.

Two Way Door

These doors are fixed on pivot hinges which open the leaves to 90° on either side of the opening. The leaves have rounded joints enabling total opening to 180°.

Bi Fold Door

A folding door comprises several panels the user can fold or unfold to open or close the door. The door is also dubbed ‘bi-fold door’ or ‘Concertina door’ in relevance to the musical instrument.